All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI)


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The primary justification for conducting the ATBI is to improve the management of Great Smoky Mountains National Park through the use of data on the identity, relative abundance, and the temporal and spatial distribution of species in the park. Because of the great volume of data the ATBI generates, these data must be organized and stored in a relational database. The ATBI desktop database is an Access database with a custom-designed user interface for entering, browsing, and querying data. While the ATBI server database is still under development, data from the desktop version are made available on this website. This does not reflect the considerable backlog of data not yet entered.

You can get a species list, search specimen data, or explore taxa within their taxonomic hierarchy.
Either way will lead to specimen distribution, phenology, and a listing of individual records:

Search Database for ... Species List Specimens
... at Taxon Level as indicated: Kingdom Superorder Subfamily
Division Order Genus and Species
Phylum Suborder
Class Superfamily Common Name
Subclass Family
Or, explore Taxonomy in tree structure, with taxa represented by nodes .............
(specimen counts included at species level)


This prototype web page for sampling the ATBI database is based on pre-processed data from the current desktop database. The desktop database and its interface program for Microsoft Windows are available via web download from DLIA web page. Since this is a project under development, information and data are privided "as is". The National Park Service shall not be held liable for improper or incorrect use of the data.